Want to be a writer?

Hello all.
I am Elliot Hellwig, co-owner of the blog with Josiah Wolfe.

This blog will be mainly centered on:
-Book reviews
-Movie reviews
-Movie trailers and recommendations
-And much more.

Our focus is to glorify God and to be a blessing to others in this blog that we are
putting together.

We are hoping that you will enjoy our posts and recommend this blog to others.
We are also looking for writers who would be willing to add to our blog.
If you are interested in being a writer and need more information,
email your name, age, and what you would like to enter to elliot.hellwig@gmail.com. Another way to contact us would be to post a comment on the blog.

Thank you for reading, and please recommend this blog to others if you enjoy it or find it helpful.

             Elliot Hellwig.

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