Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Red Keep(book).

The Red Keep is another book written by Allen French.
 This is another great book, and if you don't have them, I suggest that you do.
This is fit for all ages.

Here is a section of the book.

The Red Keep stood a half mile away, the square block of its heavy tower dominating the lesser buildings.
Above it hung a pall of smoke, fed by black wreaths that curled upward from the narrow windows. Not far outside the gate a huddle of huts was burning furiously. In all the scene there were no men, unless some few were unseen among a score or more of horses standing grouped close to the drawbridge of the castle.
The horses and the double fire made it very clear that this was a raid, a surprise, a fight as yet unfinished.
Sir Roger shouted "Rescue!" and drew his sword. Conan, in a voice that cracked as he raised it, repeated the word and the action. "Blow trumpet!" cried Sir Roger, to hasten the laggards. "Forward!" From the knoll the horsemen furiously spurred the save their friends.

Hope you enjoy.

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