Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Guns of Thunder(book).

Front CoverThis is the first book in the Faith & Freedom Trilogy written by Douglas Bond.
 I recommend this book, especially for those looking for a bit of North American history, and who like story's that have a biblical world view with no bad language.
If you don't have This book, I suggest you try it. It's well written, has lots of action, dialog, and is safe for smaller children. 

It's on the life of a young American during the French and Indian war.
As war nears, Ian MKethe is too young to go. His grandfather teaches him to hunt, along with Watookoog, an Indian, who hunts with a bow. Ian takes care of the farm by himself, growing a crop of corn and selling it to provide form his family. Although he really wants a new rifle, he makes a sacrifice and purchases a pair of spectacles for his cousin Roland instead. For the first time in ages, Roland can see clearly.When the war arrives, Roland enlists. Ian is still too young to go. He continues to work his cornfields and take care of his family. When Roland is taken prisoner at Louisbourg, Ian in consumed with worry. Had Roland been injured? Lost his spectacles? Would the French force him to fight against his own colonials?Now eighteen, Ian leaves his family and goes to war. But he doesn't get to fight. He find himself engage in manual labor, salvaging debris, moving cannons, digging trenches, and building. One day when he is gathering firewood, he is shot at. An Indian attacks him. But before the Indian can finish him off, Frenchmen take him prisoner. This is an intriguing story of a boys life during the French & Indian War. There is a lot of history packed in here, including some historical issues of faith. Overall the story was interesting as were the historical facts and Ian's life on the farm.

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