Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sir Malcolm and the Missing Prince (book)

Sir Malcolm and the Missing Prince is a one of the Lamplighter Rare Collector Series. (Though it is not very difficult to find.) It was written by Sidney Baldwin. Here is what it is about:

There is a boy named Prince Hubert. He is very  greedy and selfish. His father tries to encourage him to change, because he would be the future king but Hubert doesn't listen. As the King looks for advice he comes across his trusted knight: Sir Malcolm. Malcolm says he has a plan that will change the boys attitude and will make him care for everyone not just himself.

Hubert (or Hue) finds himself walking many miles a day through forests and towns till he finally stops at a cottage owned by an old woman. He learns the important lesson that seeing the work to do and noticing that it needs to be done is just as important than the actual doing. How can a long walk, cottages, an old widow, and an adventure change his life? Join the action packed fantasy and discover the true meaning of work.

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