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Dandelion Fire(book)

 Dandelion Fire is the second book in N.D.Wilson's trilogy of 100 cupboards.
It is very well written and is very exiting, and will keep you focused on the book till you are done.

Here is the review.dandelion-fire-wilson-100-cupboards

Henry York lives with his Uncle Frank, Aunt Dotty and cousins Anastasia, Henrietta and Penelope in Henry, Kan., until his adoptive, travel-writer parents are rescued from Colombia. They are getting a divorce and intend to send Henry to a new boarding school. Henry's only chance for a better life is through finding the land of his birth — a world on the other side of one of 98 magical cupboards.
Henrietta has hidden the keys to her deceased grandfather's bedroom with its large cupboard that allows them to travel to the different worlds (that are behind the cupboards in Henry's room). As she and Henry dig for the keys in the yard, Henry touches a strange dandelion and is thrown backward. His resulting injuries and blindness are so severe that the family thinks he's been struck by lightning. Henry refuses to let the setback keep him from finding his true home. Henrietta tries to follow Henry through the portal, but they end up in separate cupboard worlds.
An evil man named Darius captures Henry. Darius recognizes Henry as a seventh son of a pauper, who is supposed to have great power. Darius, too, is a seventh son. He believes that their collective strength could be spectacular. He prepares a ritual to cut Henry open and put his (Darius') blood into the boy's veins. Henry escapes, but only after he's endured great pain and received physical scars. Darius finds Nimiane, the powerful and immortal witch-queen of a cupboard land called Endor. (Henry inadvertently released her from bondage in book one). Darius willingly becomes her slave so he can share in her power.
Henrietta finds herself in a land called FitzFaeren. The would-be queen, whose coronation was ruined long ago by Grandfather's misdeeds, captures her. Henrietta escapes and finds Eli, a man who helped Grandfather. A man named Caleb captures Henrietta and Eli.
Back in Kansas, Uncle Frank tries to rescue Henry and Henrietta from the cupboards. His efforts fail since can't enter Grandfather's magically-sealed bedroom. Darius bursts through the portal into the family's home. He sends the house reeling into a world with nothing but grassland before escaping back through the cupboards. With the room's magic disrupted, Uncle Frank and the family climb through Grandfather's portal in search of the others and a way back to Kansas.
Henry returns to the house in Kansas and finds a note from the family saying where they've gone. He discovers that Kansas is still there; it's actually just outside the back door. He contemplates going out and returning to his adoptive parents, but he realizes it isn't the life he wants. He re-enters the portal to find the others.
A faerie named Frank, not to be confused with his Uncle Frank, recognizes Henry as the son of a hero named Mordecai. Frank tries to help Henry, but enemy faeries put the boy on trial and decide to kill him. Frank helps Henry escape. He takes him to Caleb, where Henry is reunited with Henrietta and the rest of his Kansas family. He learns that Uncle Frank is Caleb's brother. (Uncle Frank, like Henry, was not born in Kansas but arrived from the cupboards.)
Henry meets his mother and grandmother and learns that their city is under siege. A christening ceremony for Henry takes place. This provides enough magic to free his true father, Mordecai, from a spell that had him trapped for years. The reunion is cut short as the brothers Frank, Caleb and Mordecai return to battle. They know Nimiane and Darius are near. Henry and Henrietta return to Kansas and locate a magic arrow, one of the talismans Grandfather stole. They bring it back to FitzFaeren, and Caleb uses it to destroy Darius. Henry stays with his newfound family in FitzFaeren, and they share frequent visits with Uncle Frank's family by way of the cupboards.

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