Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Hope with Billy Graham

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I recently saw a documentary produced on Billy Graham's 95th birthday. Before I explain the documentary I will say a little bit about Billy Graham.

     William Franklin "Billy" Graham Jr. Is a Christian evangelist and pastor. Billy Graham traveled around preaching the news of Jesus Christ. He did this for many years. Which brings us to now. This documentary was produced on Billy Graham's 95th birthday. It was called My Hope.

     My Hope showed the testimonies of Lecrae Moore and Lacey Sterum. It also included short messages by Franklin Graham (Billy Graham's son) and Billy Graham himself.
     You might have recognized the name Lecrae Moore because he is a well known Christian rapper. I found his testimony encouraging. It showed that God can change bad people into Jesus fanatics. I also like Lecrae's music, which shows him going through hardships and overcoming them.

 Here is Lecrae's testimony.

Lacey Sterum's testimony was helpful in seeing someone using they're talents to evangelize and spread God's glory. In the documentary Lacey Sterum sang Mercy Tree. It was something I saw before My Hope. It intrigued me to watch the documentary and see the full testimony. To watch Mercy Tree click here.
I thought the documentary encouraging and think you should watch it too.

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