Monday, September 30, 2013

Alone yet not alone (movie)

Alone yet not alone is a movie adapted from a book.

It is set in the time of the French and Indian war, where Indians(French) were
attacking farms and villages, killing people, and taking scalps.

It Started out when a family from Germany was immigrating  to America.
They are all amazed at how free the country was, and how plentiful the
harvests were.
And they are continually praising God for His bountiful blessing's on them.

One day, after their corn harvest, the mother went to the market with John, one of  there two sons.
The Father stayed home with his other son, and his two daughters, Barbara, and, Regina(12 and 9)
That day, the Indians raided the farm, killed Barbara's fathers and brother, and made off with the girls.
They both got separated  and sent to live with different Indian tribes.
Barbara grew up with the Indians, and when she got older and Indian named Glasko, a Indian
chief, tells her that he is going to marry her when he comes back from a war trip.

She does not want to marry him, so she plans an escape with three other prisoners and they head toward the
nearest English fort.
The movie shows a very different way of escape then the book, but all that needs to be said is that
they got to the fort and latter they were reunited with their family's, and Barbara found her mother and brother, and they were very happy but not totally happy.
They missed their Father and brother and most of all, their sister Regina whom they had reason to believe
still alive.
A year latter, the Indians were defeated and were forced to give up all captives.
So after a bit of trouble Here mother fond her by singing a song that she used to sing to her children when they were young, alone yet not alone.
And she found here daughter and they lived in happiness, as one family, reunited.

And during her captivity, Barbara would always remind herself that she was alone
yet not alone.
And she always new that God was with her even thought she was separated from all she loved.

There are some really nice lyrics that go with it, but I can't find them right now.

For the trailer click here.

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