Monday, September 23, 2013

Night at the Museum (movie)

Larry Daley was a inventor, he invented the "snapper."
 Unfortunately  the snapper never got popular.
Larry needed a job.
He could not afford his own house,
his car had the boot, and there were bill's that needed to be payed
right away.
Finally he got a job a the museum of natural history.
The museum was loosing money and they were going to replace
the three night guards for one night guard, Larry.
What Larry was never told was that everything in the museum comes
alive at night.
He was angry that nobody told him.
He found out that there was a golden tablet called the tablet of ahkmernrah
that was found in Egypt that gave life to all the artifices in the museum.
The former night guards were planing on taking all the gold in the museum
before they left, including the tablet of ahkmernrah.
Meanwhile, everything in the museum was in chaos.
Larry would have to get them to realize the danger that they were in.
If the tablet left the museum, then they would not come alive at night
 like they usually do.
So together,Larry and the animals have to work together to keep the precious tablet
away from the bad guys.

 It's a great movie.
There are famous characters like Dick-Van-Dyke,Ben stiller,and more.
Click here for the trailer.

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