Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kathryn Lasky

Kathryn Lasky is mainly a fictional writer. She has written some historical books with the children's historical writer, Jean Fritz. Lasky wrote the best selling series Gaurdians of Gahoole. Gaurdians of Gahoole is a series about an owl kingdom trying to survive. We will write a review on the particular books in time. She also wrote The Wolves of the Beyond series. That is about a wolf who was treated very badly, but later finds enough power to lead a pack of wolves.

I highly recommend Kathryn Lasky. She is a very talented writer. I would warn you though she is not a Christian writer so some of her books mention spirits and an owl saying a curse word. Regarding the curse word it was said in the owl language. This stuff happens rarely in books, and I would still recommend her.

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