Tuesday, November 5, 2013

To rule the night(book)

This is a wonderful autobiography written by Jim Irwin, a Christian astronaut who by the grace of God
was the eighth man to set foot upon the moon, on the Apollo 15 with Al Worden and Dave Scott,
in the year 1971.

In the first four chapters of the book, Irwin describes the flight to the moon, the stay
on the moon, and the flight back.
From chapter five to the end, he starts from the beginning of his life and
moves all the way up to many years after his flight.

During the duration of the book, Jim writes many times about his close calls
to death and how God was with him many times, protecting him from many dangers.

In his younger days, he was airplane tester.
He often tried to enter service as a astronaut, but got rejected many times.
He also talked about how he married a woman named Marry Edda.
But they found out that they did not work well together, and both being immature,
did not know how to work things out.
Latter, to Jim's sorrow,Marry Edda filed a divorce.
He was heart broken, but he knew it was just as much his fault as it was her's.
Latter he was accepted to go into training to be a astronaut.
He trained with two other men: Al Worden and Dave Scott.
Together, the three of them served as backups for the Apollo 9, and latter for
the Apollo 12.
Then they got selected for the next flight to the moon on the Apollo 15.
The training began in earnest.

And during this whole time, he is always pointing to his creator and savior, always
reminding us that with out the protection of God, he would have never made it to the moon.

Early in the book, Jim Irwin says that when he was on the moon, he felt as if God was very close to Him,
and all around him.
He never felt that way on earth, and it was a feeling that none of us could have understood, and
the memory of it never left him for the rest of his life.

I highly recommend this book.
It's easy to read and is very humorous.

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