Monday, November 11, 2013

The Drowned Vault (book)

The Drowned Vault is a fiction novel written by N. D. Wilson. It is the sequel to The Dragon's Tooth. It is the second book in the Ashtown Burials series. I really enjoyed it, and would list in my top five favorite books. N. D. Wilson wrote the 100 cupboards series and Leepike Ridge before this series.

This is a piece of the book:
Rupert pointed his light at the wall of the underwater cave. It had a small crack in the wall. Cyrus swam forward, and saw the that the crack was actually a keyhole. In the water, Cyrus's Solomon Keys had taken their natural shape. He new something weird or bad was going to happen. He tried get the thought out of his head that he was going to open the crack. Cyrus slid the small key into the hole and turned it. Silence, and then a grinding as a slab of the wall fell forward and dropped through the water. Behind it yawned the entrance of the dark passage. Something uncurled out of the darkness and drifted toward them. A tangle floated in front of Cyrus. He touched it, rubbing it between his fingers. It was hair. Four hundred years' worth of hair.

This book made you want to read more and more.

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